SHAMEFUL!! The Worst Dressed Governor In Nigeria: Willie Obiano Of Anambra State

It’s a known fact.

How you dress is a reflection of your personality. Our clothes are an extension of who we are, where we come from, and what we care about in life.

Governor Willie Obianó of Anambra State is however the worst dressed governor/Politician in South East Nigeria. His dress code depicts 5 things

1️⃣ Irresponsibility

2️⃣ St*pidity

3️⃣ F*olishness

4️⃣ Childishness

5️⃣ Carelessness

Check out the 2 photos below, then tell me what you see.


A governor or Rockstar? The worst part is he dressed this way to welcome visitors.


Now tell me. If ur papa dress like this u go like am? And we are talking about a governor of a state here. Nawao.

Ordinarily he can dress casual or anyhow he likes after all he’s a human being, but doesn’t have to dress like a Rockstar on official outing. It is silly and irresponsible.

Culled from Naijaloaded

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