Two boys burnt alive for stealing mobile phones

 Two boys burnt alive for stealing mobile  phones

According to reports, the boys were caught trying to escape after stealing a woman’s phone at Komarock Estate, Nairobi, Kenya, on Saturday, August 8. They were alllegedly nabbed by bike riders who then beat and stripped them before burning them alive, using parts from a motorcycle to feed the fire.

“They removed part of the motorcycle, bought petrol and used it to end the lives of the two young boys,” a shop keeper in the area said.

Buruburu police boss Adamson Bungei condemned the mob attack while also advising youths to desist from crime.

“It is time the youth stop involving in crime since the fruits are so bitter. But members of the public should also not take action into their own hands,” he said.

Condemning the barbaric attack after it went viral, Femi Fani-Kayode wrote: “How can a nation, a continent and a people that indulge in this type of wickedness ever escape God’s wrath? You burn two children alive simply because they stole a mobile phone? God have mercy on you and all those that support and encourage this savagery and barbarity. is NO justice: it is madness!”

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