“He’s SPIRITUALLY POSSESSED, He Needs Help”— Evangelist Victor Edet Yells At Bobrisky

It is shocking to hear some Nigerian female celebrities claim to be virgins especially in this internet age and era,despite the exposure to societal immoralities.

We can’t be so sure if what they utter has an iota of truth or not, but we just must take their words to be how they put it.

Here we compile the list of the celebrities who claim to fall into the categories of virgins below;

Seyi Hunter

She falls within our bracket having publicly declared that she hasn’t had mate before. In an interview she once stated outrightly that she knows nothing about the sexual act, adding that all she desires in a relationship is MONEY.

Chidinma Ekile

She once was involved in a sex tape controversy. To protect her reputation, she lamented over the fact that she has no idea about how the act is done, clearly stating that she is still a V.


Interestingly, the curvy celebrity claims she’s still a virgin. Taking a look at her physique, one may be forced to conclude that she is a sex maniac. however, she has publicly revealed she is still a virgin. She made the revelation after she was quizzed on Twitter.

Damilola Agbajor

The former beauty pageant in an interview revealed that she was still a virgin. She openly said she was too young for engaging in intercourse adding that she has no love.

Kyrian Adokiye

Although she has a fiancee, she says what they share is ‘DIVINE LOVE’. She once said she may not engage in any sexual acts before she finally gets married.

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