“He’s SPIRITUALLY POSSESSED, He Needs Help”— Evangelist Victor Edet Yells At Bobrisky

A Nigerian pastor and evangelist who goes by the name, ‘Victor Edet’ have lashed out at controversial Nigerian cross-dresser, Bobrisky on social media labeling him as being ‘possessed’.

The Evangelist asserts in his lengthy post on Facebook that Bobrisky is leading young men and women astray and must be cushioned immediately.

According to him, if the transgender is not stopped, he is bound to ruin the lives and future of Nigerian youths, adding that he (Bob) needs deliverance.

He wrote;

“THIS boy is highly possessed, and he needs our prayers and serious deliverance. This boy is leading our youths astray and he’s sending wrong signal to the coming generation. Alot of people will come out and say he’s not our problem, he’s not our problem. Many years ago, some people where saying corruption is not the problem of Nigeria. We ignored it and refused to fight against it. Today in Nigeria, the people waiting to steal from the Government are higher than the population of people currently stealing from the Government. If we don’t stop this boy, this boy will destroy the future of our Youths.

See screenshot below;

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