Why Prince Adekunle Adeleye deserves to be elected Candidate in the AAC Primary: YOUTH LED ORGANIZATION

In a visual interview yesterday, Saturday 24th July with Prince Adeleye in Akure. ” The Youth-Led group engaged the African Action Congress (AAC) Aspirant in a hot – seat.

The co-converner of the event Amb. Fisayo Dorcas assured the stakeholders at the meeting a good delivery, and made it stance known to them that all aspirants agendas and manifestos is well reviewed.

In the cause of interview engagement with Prince Adeleye, She described Him as a man without a stain or blemish. He a man of honour, respected exemplary leader, purposeful and passionate being, an eloquent, a reformer, an administrator, a graduate of International relations at London Metropolitan University, that focused transforming Ondo State economically to world class level, due to his relevant educational background and international exposure. As a USA based who is passionate about growth in Nigeria, He Founded, Celebration of Excellence in Africa, a platform to celebrate good governance and best president in Nigeria. He believes in good policies that tackles Insecurities, Poverty and Corruption, which is however what AAC stands for.

Prince Adeleye as portrayed by his Curriculum vitae, is a mobilizer, a culture, civil and mature leader. Adeleye is a responsible son of the soil raised in Ilaje, Ondo South Senatorial district, with early years of education in Ogun, Lagos and Ondo State.

In an interview, Prince Adeleye in his mission overview, mentioned he has designed: Policies that will empower Young people; embraces good standard of living; Free health care services for Mother and Child; Reversal of the tertiary school fees; regards for civil servants and arrears payment of outstanding salary; encouraging small scale businesses by empowering them with capitals; creating enabling environment for the youths.

He quotes: It’s through governance that we can impact people’s lives and creating sustainable livelihood and economic standard of living for all.

Through His Agenda, he has demonstrated that he deserves to be given the chance to pilot the affairs of Ondo state as a, his zero tolerance for corruption and unrelenting passion to ensuring that Ondo State is liberated and witness unprecedented progress, such as modern technology, bringing broadband internet across Ondo State,
infrastructural development, establishing railways and sea-ports via His discussions with international consultant and partners, both indigene and non-indigene of Nigeria.

“Where there is a head, one does not put a hat on the knee.”

For those who needed the impression, it’s obvious that Prince Adeleye profile as depicted he’s capable to handle the affairs of the State and the AAC Primary is however contestable, and that lies in the hands of the good members of the party and Ondo State people to think beyond instant price but the agenda that benefits all, as he stated.

It is on this note that we would like to appreciate him for making personal commitments to be perfect in all his responsibility and for choosing to be of service to Ondo people and humanity.

Upon this backdrop, “Where there is a head, one does not put a hat on the knee.”

Prince Adekunle Adeleye, it is very far fair.

Signed by
Alonge Festus

On behalf of

Ondo Youth Decide Organizers

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