The Only Way Power Can Leave North – Afenifere Leader, Fasoranti Tells It All

Afenifere leader, Reuben Fasoranti has said the next president might be from the north if an agreement is not reached.

Fasoranti suggested that the only way presidency will move to the south is if rotational method is agreed.

“Rigging will take place, power would remain in the North if an agreement is not reached to zone the presidency to the south ahead of the 2023 election.

“Rotational (method) is better because if you want to follow one pattern, rigging will take place and the powers-that-be will continue to rule,”

He said.

He warned that if something is not done before 2023, the northerners will rig election and use money to influence voters.

“As we have seen now, power will remain in the North unless something is done.

“They will rig, use the money to influence voters. It is either we have an agreement to rotate, or something happens,”

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  1. Until we have state autonomy in Nigeria or we split the country, let the south go there way (after all the northern Nigeria is still under their colonial master till today, they never get independent from caliphate, so how do you expect a dependent region and an independent region to flow freely together) we can’t have good security, we can’t have good governance, it will always be like master and servant’s deal, let’s face the reality in the south, the north are like parasites to the south in the so call country


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