Nigerians React As Police Officer R@pes COVID-19 Patient in Quarantine

A police officer who was alledged to have raped a female patient in a quarantine facility have been arrested yesterday.

The officer was caught in the act with a female patient in a Kenyan quarantine center.

Sources revealed that the Police officer identified as Constable Emmanuel Ng’etich begun to vibe the female COVID-19 patient on Thursday night. His colleague Constable Jeff Obondo who was not happy with what his friend was doing informed the other colleagues at the guardroom about the issue.

The prison warders and police officers started a search action for Ng’etich and the patient until they discovered the duo in the female ward where moans and cries were coming from.

The news outlet reported that “The police officers rushed there and found all the female patients outside, complaining that Police Constable Ng’etich was raping the lady,”

Although this incident occured in Kenya but as the news hit Twitter Ng, Nigerian have been forced to react and comment.

Jael commented:

After reading this, I cried. Why are men so wicked? Isn’t it bad enough that she is going through the trauma of COVID. You are now raping her untop. Kia God.

Sammy commented:

All this shows this COVID 19 shii is all fake and lies in Nigeria here

@solscholes commented:

People are just so quick to condemn Nigeria in every little thing. Instead of fact checking tweets, some people just come on here to display stark ignorance. Awon Nigeria haters, it is well with y’all oh, the hatred for your motherland won’t consume you by his grace.

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