OMG!!! Two Lawmakers Killed By Coronavirus

The president of Madgascar, Andry Rajoelina, on Sunday confirmed that two lawmakers have died after becoming infected with COVID-19.

One was a member of Senate, while the other was a Deputy.

Rajoelina also revealed 11 other deputies and 14 senators had also tested positive for the virus.

The president had placed the country’s capital Antananarivo under fresh lockdown on July 5, following a new wave of infections, two months after restrictions were eased.

Madagascar has recorded 2,573 infections including 35 deaths, with the government estimating that the peak will be reached by the end of August.

In April, Rajoelina launched a local herbal concoction he claimed prevents and cures the novel coronavirus. He has since been promoting the brew for export, saying it is the country’s “green gold” which will “change history”.

However, its potency has not been validated by any scientific study.

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