You won’t learn, man gets embarrassed as he proposed to girlfriend in public(video)

A lover boy has been left totally embarrassed after being rejected by his girlfriend in public

The lady has given her man the embarrassment of a lifetime after rejecting his marriage proposal in public.

According to the video, it shows the moment the man bent the knee to propose only for the woman to take the ring and throw it away in rejection.

The venue of the proposal appears to have been a park filled with people who were there for what seemed like an event, and this made the gentleman’s experience more saddening.

The man had presented the lady with a flower as well as the wedding ring only to see it thrown away.

The gesture was cheered on by massive applause from bystanders who were both excited and expectant that the moment would end well.

Unfortunately, to burst everyone’s bubble, the lady, who initially created a posture of acceptance, took the ring on her finger and then threw it away.

She vacated the place without uttering any words. The entire moment was captured by different spectators on their mobile devices.


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