DJ Cuppy is Pregnant? Fans quiz her after she shared a video

DJ is cuppy is Pregnant? Fans quiz her after she shared a video

The famous popular leading female DJ in Nigeria, DJ Cuppy, the daughter of the billionaire oil magnate, Femi Otedola has got many of her fans and followers wondering whether she is pregnant or not.

This inquisitiveness of the fans and followers was because she shared a video where her tummy looks protruded.

The billionaire daughter, DJ Cuppy, posted a video of herself on her official Instagram platform as she kicks off a new challenge #wipeitdown which is to see people cleaning their mirrors and things at home.

However, her fans and followers did not pay attention to the challenge, as everyone’s attention was glued to her protruding belly which makes it seems as if she is a few months pregnant.

Due to curiosity of some of her fans, some wanted to satisfy their curiosity, they went ahead to ask questions whether she has taken in or not. However, DJ cuppy is yet to give a response.

Others reacted with funny answers claiming she must have overfed herself, that must have been the reason for the protruded belly.

video below:

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