I’m using their gender better than you girls, Bobrisky says

I’m using their gender better than you girls, Bobrisky says

I’m using their gender better than you girls, Bobrisky says

The popular controversial Nigeria crossdresser,Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju , popularly known as Bobrisky shared in his official Instagram-story saying a lot of girls hate on him because he uses the gender more than them. Bobrisky who claimed a lot of girls in his comment has been throwing jabs at him for no reason. Bobrisky further calls all the girls out to mock them and rain subtle curses on them.

“Some of you girls you yan trash, you yan nonsense. Some of you come to my comment section, you keeping saying “oh, Bobrisky you wanna be a girl so bad. You can never be a woman”. But do you know I use your gender more than you?”

The crossdresser said in his video

“A lot of these b*tches hate on me. You know what girl? Who Bobrisky is f*cking, who I’m dealing with, you can never dine with him despite your t*to, despite your breasts”

Bobrisky further continues to vent his anger claiming, the dude he roles with, mode of transportation is on air which makes it impossible for the girls to reach

“This dude fly’s helicopter from his house to his office. So how are you b*tches gonna see him? How are you b*tches gonna meet him?

The cross-dresser further rains subtle curses on the so-called girls who have natural female genitals, saying

“Keep hating, I’m f*cking your daddy. Baba yin, Iya yin”.

He added,

“I use your gender pass you wey get t*to wey get breasts. Is it by t*to? Aimoye hole. There’s hole everywhere. There’s a hole in the mouth. There’s hole in the ear. There’s hole in the a**. So, don’t go and dull yourself.

“This my gender, I use am pass majority of you girls. Stop f*cking hating. I love you regardless because you are following me”, he concluded

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