Covid-19: Hon. Feyisayo Ayodele Addresses Akoko Community

This is indeed a very trying time all over the world. Many people have been infected by
COVID-19 and are currently fighting for their lives from the grip of this highly infectious
disease, while many sadly have died. The whole world is affected. Businesses have been closed
and cities are being shut down across the world to curtail further spread of this plague and
ultimately defeat the virus.
My dear people of Ondo state, I wish to encourage us at this very trying period to please stay
calm. Don’t panic! Let not your heart be troubled. We have survived difficult times in the past
and we shall pull through this pandemic safely. In order to increase our chances for survival of
this pandemic, I wish to strongly advise and encourage us to keep to all the recommendation
of the Ministry of health, the State and Federal governments and other relevant agencies. Let
us know that, this virus cannot spread by itself. People spread it as we move around. It is
therefore very essential that we all STAY AT HOME at this challenging time. Let us limit our
movement around to the very minimal and keep a safe distance from other people if we must
go out to access essential services such food, water and medicine. Let us remember to wash
our hands frequently with soap and water. We can also apply hand sanitizers regularly.
Since a major means of contracting this infection is when we touch our faces with contaminated
hands, let us try as much as possible not to be touching our faces. If you need to cough or
sneeze, kindly cover your mouth/nose with your elbow.
If we notice anyone with the signs and symptoms of the coronavirus disease (such as cough,
sore throat, fever, body aches, fatigue and shortness of breath) let us immediately contact
relevant health authorities on their dedicated phone numbers.
Please be safe and stay at Home.

Credit: Omoniyi Alex Shobe

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