Covid-19: Chinese Billionaire, Jack Ma, Makes Second Donation To African Countries

Chinese Billionaire and founder of Ali Baba Group, Jack Ma, has announced his second donation to African countries.

Jack Ma in a statement via his Twitter handle revealed that a second donation is on its way.

Reports revealed it will come via the Ethiopian airline.

The second donation includes ventilators, suits and face shields amongst others.

Jack Ma said,

“Our second donation to 54 countries in Africa is on the way. That includes 500 ventilators, 200K suits & face shields, 2K thermometers, 1M swabs & extraction kits and 500K gloves. Thank you @@AbiyAhmedAli @flyethiopian @AfricaCDC @WFP for your partnership. Stay safe Africa!”

In another statement, Jack Ma also called on all African medical experts to go online as Chinese frontline doctors are ready to share hard-earned lessons.

He said,

“Time is running out, but we can help minimize the outbreak by collaborating. Africa can win this war.”

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