Meet the People in Kentucky who Threw a Party to Mock Coronavirus but it didn’t End Well for them

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At least 160 people so far has tested positive for Coronavirus in Kentucky including one person who attended a ‘Coronavirus Party’. Someone who attended a party mocking the virus causing the current pandemic has contracted the virus, ironic, isn’t it?

Shortly after news broke of the chaotic party, Kentucky governor Andy Beshear called an end to all gathering of this sort.

The Kentucky party consisted of young adults in their 20’s, and more people who attended are expected to test positive as well. The aim of the party was to reject the instructions of social distancing and refute the danger of Coronavirus which is not ending well for the party goers.

Kentucky is not the only hub dealing with the problem of this outright protest that us spreading the virus, in Connecticut, after a large farewell party in early march, the town of Westport experienced a massive spike in COVID-19 cases.

Gov. Beshear speculated that the young adults attending the party probably thought they are indestructible or invincible flaunting the mass gathering prohibition. Many people have expressed their frustration over millenials not adhering to social distancing recommendations after photos of crowded Spring Break beaches in Florida went viral.

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