Covid-19: See Good Legacy of Social Distancing in Ibadan (Pictures)

It is a surprise to see how Kunle Ara Pharmacy Limited established good example of social distancing after visiting the place today. In spite of the fact that the queue was long, the officials of the store have demarcated a portion for each costumers to stand with a reasonable distance in-between. This was really amazing and I found it worthy of sharing in this forum.

The said, Kunle Ara Pharmacy Limited is a major retail and wholesale pharmaceutical company engaged in the sourcing and distribution of medical and pharmaceutical products in Nigeria. It is located opposite Nigeria’s foremost and biggest hospital, University Collage Hospital, Ibadan.

Today, it suffices to say that Nigerians are law abiding citizens as they were found to maintain decorum while on the queue, and thus maintained the distance.

Before entering the store, I found out that you are liable to use the hand sanitizer provided by the security man standing at the threshold.

As we can see clearly in the pictures, people are law abiding and this should be a good example for others to see the need for social distancing during this pandemic period.

Nigerians! Coronavirus is real. Let’s take to all precautions. Italians and Spanish overlooked precautions at early stage and they are facing the consequences (may God heal them). May God give us listening hears and protect us from this corrosive virus (Amen).

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