Stream 2 of NYSC will most likely be cancelled, find out why

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The National Youth Service Scheme (NYSC) had a lot of unprecedented precedents this year. For one, the agency did not get the senate lists of prospective corp members from their schools on time. This led to the a snarl in registration and the deadline date was moved twice.

Secondly, the scheme increased the pay of corpers to align with the new national minimum wage which is pegged at 33 thousand naira. An initiative that was lauded by many Nigerians, students and parents alike.

Thirdly, the scheme had a stream two for it’s first batch of corp members for the year, an initiative that was lauded by many. However the coronavirus outbreak around the world has changed the dynamics of the NYSC for 2020.

Corp members who reported to camp for the 2020 Batch a camp orientation activities were stunned when they were asked to vacate camp 11 days short of the 21 days they were meant to spend in camp. CDS activities were also cancelled.

With the coronavirus spreading even further and leading to further disruptions of life, there is every likelihood that the Federal government will suspend the stream 2 camp orientation activities.

This is in line with the WHO directive that no more than 50 people should gather in a particular place. Camp orientation activities are a gathering of thousands of young Nigerians from different parts of the country and could prove to be a potent spreading ground for the Covid-19 virus

For prospective corp members who maybe affected by the decision, it is important to understand that safety comes first before anything else.

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