How to cure corona virus immediately you notice the symptoms

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Corona virus has been the talk of the world current and it is one of the most versatile airborne disease so far, that can last in the air for up to 15 minuite it has brought a lot of death.

killing almost 80,000 people in china and caused problems in other countries, which lead to the closure of schools, football and other sporting event world wide.

It has also be said that israel has found the vacine for this virus but has not been accepted by some countries like Iran that does not agree with the Israel.

but today i will be showing you how to prevent corona virus from infecting the lungs because once it get to the lungs it can kill the individual but not always and also note that the individual can also recover from the virus as the rate of recovery is high.

Corona virus can spread at 56 degree there by any temperature higher than that will kill the virus.

So to get a temperature higher than that you need to boil a water, It should be at the steam level, after boiling the water put a stool close to the hot water sit on the stool open the water and use a cloth to cover yourself with the water. you will get a temperature up to 80-100 degree which will kill the virus do this twice a day to kill the virus and prevent it because the virus can’t stay with such temperature.

One Reply to “How to cure corona virus immediately you notice the symptoms”

  1. Bullshit!!! zero credibility.
    Firstly, Covid-19 has not killed 80,000 people in China as the post claimed… The number of deaths presently is a little over 10,000 worldwide.
    Meanwhile, heating people up to 80-100C to kill the virus??. 100C??.. Are you joking??..What about the individual??.. Do you not know that high temperatures also denature proteins and stop enzymes in the body from functioning?? And can even damage the brain!!.. Do you not know that the highest temperature a human can survive is 44-46C??

    This website is developing into a big one and posts like this should be scientifically specific and backed up.


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