Nigerian Ladies Are Confessing On Twitter About How They Mix Their MENSTRUAL BLOOD With Food To Capture Men’s Heart

Nigerians on popular micro-blogging platform, Twitter are outraged after some ladies whose identities were not revealed to the public shared their stories admitting the use of diabolical means to get men they want.

The stories which caused the outrage were posted by Dami Olonisakin, better known as “Oloni”, a popular sex blogger, podcaster, and soon-to-be author.

In her popular “Ladies and LADIES ONLY” twitter threads, Oloni puts out requests for typically explicit, far-from-vanilla stories from women from across the world who proudly speak about their sex lives in ways that we usually almost exclusively hear from men.

These have included requests for their wildest sex stories from university, for their experiences with sugar daddies, and for accounts of times when women have had sex with a guy and his best friend.

Her recent threads reads; “LADIES & LADIES only! I want you to DM about a time that you’ve used black magic to woo a guy you liked.”

In anonymised screenshots posted by the UK’s biggest names in sex and relationships writing, different ladies were seen admitting the use of diabolical means to get men.

This has made men especially Nigerians to react with many saying if the gender were to be of the opposite, ladies would have called all men trash and scum but they (ladies) found it funny only because it was of their gender (female).

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