AY-Original Stands With Ondo First Lady On “Fight Against Rape” Quest

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In response to the declaration of her excellency, Mrs Akeredolu against rape and other forms of sexual harassment, Com. Kikiowo Ayoade, AY-Original, expresses his absolute support.

Earlier, while speaking in a meeting with the Human Rights Commission, National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons, NAPTIP, different NGOs that are women and children based, prominent groups and people in attendance, did the first lady, wife of the Ondo State Governor, Mrs Betty Anyanwu Akeredolu expressed her grievances against incessant cases of sexual harassment in Nigeria which she also expressed readiness to work with appropriate stakeholders ensure the deleterious case at hand is eradicated with immediacy.

Com. Kikiowo Ayoade, AY-Original while speaking with our press correspondent today express his discomfort with the incessant case of sexual harassment, and hereby tagged it as disparaging and destructive to Nation building. He further in support of the her Excellency’s statement, promises to take part in the mission to eradicate this uncalled-for act.

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