Madd Money! How MKO Abiola Bribed Armed Robbers Because He Had To Save Them The Time To Steal From Him [Video]

Armed robbers are very deadly humans that have the mission to steal, kill and destroy, but not as deadly when you are as rich as MKO Abiola.

Chief Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola, GCFR was a Nigerian Yoruba businessman, publisher, politician and aristocrat of the Yoruba Egba clan, he was the Aare Ona Kankafo of the Yoruba land.

A video obtained by Basehitz shows late Abiola talking about how Nigeria has never honored him but then, stated that they will honor him one day!

Another thing that caught our attention best is when he stated in the video that he met armed robbers on his way to a stadium with his team and he had to bribe his way through.

When you are rich like Abiola, you don’t get robbed, but you bribe your way through. MKO lives on in our hearts!

Watch Video:

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