WEEP FOR NIGERIA! See How A Soldier Permanently Disfigured This Handsome And Energized Young Boy

Nigerian man who was hit by stray bullet when one of the Nigerian soldier was shooting in portharcourt on his way to exam cries out.

He was spotted sitting on the middle of the road while one of the soldier walk to him and carry him up.

In a series of tweets he made online why still protesting wrote below,..

“Today I went on a ONE MAN PROTEST on the STREET of PORTHARCOURT close to BORI CAMP Rumuola by Aba road Just right in front of Port Harcourt army barracks to DEMAND For JUSTICE and to let Nigerians know that it’s been 2years ever since I was hit by a STRAY BULLET…

From one of @HQNigerianArmy reckless soldier on my way going to school to write my exams on the “14th of September 2017” which lead to my left limb been amputated and my self being disfigured �its 2years now and @HQNigerianArmy has done absolutely nothing to help me

Even after carrying out all investigation and arresting the soldier that did this to me, they invited my family of which we went to BORI CAMP PORTHARCOURT, the soldiers spoke to my mom pleaded and asked that I forgive him, they went ahead to say that they will pay one million

First for hospital bill after which We will all come back and seat on a round table to discuss on how they going to take care of me according to the PETITION that my lawyer wrote and sent to the office of ARMY CHIEF OF STAFF via DHL,

They pleaded that we withdraw the case from court so they won’t lose their jobs,

“which we did” .

But to my greatest surprise till date @HQNigerianArmy have done nothing to help me back to my feet.
Each time I call or chart them up via their verified Twitter handle

They keep telling me that the investigation is quiet slow.. That hopefully I will get justice by the end.. This is what they have been telling us for the past two years now.

Am appealing to all Nigerians to protest along side me by Retweeting this tweet,so the world can see what I have been passing through ever since this incident and hopefully my HELPER can see it too and render help to us ��� �”.

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