RUGA Settlement:- Fulani Will Become The Most Powerful Tribe In Nigeria If Allowed (See This)

Hello Guys,

I believe you all are definitely aware of the RUGA plans by the Federal Government and how many States Governors have kicked against it.

Sadly, some Governors are in support of it but it’s either they are knowledgeable enough on the negative impacts it will have in their states or they just have a hidden agenda but it’s a great thing to know that the FG has actually backed down on the RUGA plans.


Well, the spokesperson for a group named Coalition Of Northern Group, Abdul-Azeez Suleiman, stated that if the Fulani’s are not allowed to do their business in every part of Nigeria including South, they would not allow other tribes to also flourish in their land.

In one of the posts here on Basehitz, a user/reader with the name “Hammight” dropped a comment and it makes so much sense, so, I decided to share with you all.

See the comment below:-

According to him, the RUGA plan will make the Fulani more powerful and Influential than every tribes in Nigeria as they will become so grounded across the Federation as they now roots in every states.

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