A video showing a woman alleging that the founder of the Synangogue Church of All Nations, Prophet T.B Joshua,raped her when she was still a member of his church, surfaced online Yesterday, The woman alleged that the clergyman raped her when she went to his church for spiritual help.

However, the Church has released a statement to debunk the allegation.

The statement read:

“Since the beginning of the week, one of the topic that hasn’t left the mouth of the public is the rape issue happening everywhere, there has been allegations on men of God and one of the most recent is that of Prophet TB Joshua, the founder of Synagogue church of all nations.

“A lady, identified as Bisola Johnson has been parading herself as a victim of rape by the man of God, in the light of Biodun Fatoyinbo’s case.

“She revealed that she was kept captive in SCOAN for 14 years and was raped for same 14 years by Prophet TB Joshua.

‘In response to this, the church has released a video of the said woman during her first appearance in the church, she made it known in the video that she willingly came to SCOAN for deliverance from the spirit of death and after some time, she vanished.

“It will also be recalled that she came up some years back to make same allegations but because of the unbelievable story, she didn’t get the attention of people which is why she came up now with her story now that rape is trending.”

Watch the video the church released below:


  1. Biodun fatoyinbo is dangerous and a witch. I want to put it to her that what ever that may have transpired with her and some of these men of God years ago,if she is saying d truth should have being kept in d past,and not coming now to trouble men that God uses. If she wants money,why not go meet them and talk in terms than coming to the media to touch and harm men God speaks to and uses heavily.
    Why not go to men they respect or their wives or to men of God that they listens to than coming to the media to harm d body of christ.
    Do u know that,David in d Bible did all manner of atrousities,yet God said ,he is a man after his heart. U don’t judge them like that. If they make mistakes ,they fall back to God who sent them, if they do it right, they still fall back to their master.
    Sin is bad ,I condemn rape. These men may have repented from these allegations and u are coming after 15 years or more to aggravate issues and blowing ur trumpet beyond proportion. Honestly u have signed a contract with doom and fate. Be careful biodun fato what ever. U are treading on a lions den.


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