Nothing Is Free! Legendary Actor, Sylvester Stallone Now Charges N400K For A Photo With Him

Some Fans of Sylvester Stallone are feeling disappointed after discovering that the actor’s upcoming ‘An Experience With event’ in London will see them pay £849 for a photo with the star.

Daily Mail reports that the 72-year-old American actor is taking part in the event with visits in London, Manchester in Birmingham in August and September to share ‘untold stories’ and to promote his final Rambo film Last Blood.

According to publication, the black-tie event will feature an on-stage interview with Sylvester, a three-course meal for attendees, a 20-piece orchestra and an auction of ‘bespoke Stallone memorabilia’.

It was also reported that the event comes with a range of ticket prices from £125 to £325 per ticket and will also feature an ‘explosive’ entrance by the Rambo star. Attendees can avail of a ‘photo upgrade experience’ with the ‘premium photo’ package coming at a cost of £849 per person.

Available to 10 people, they are expected to receive a professional photo sized 22′ X 17′ and will have priority in the photo queue and a mount of the frame signed by Sylvester in gold pen.

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