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A British woman identified as Amanda Teague has narrated her ordeal in the hand of her spiritual husband, whom she said almost killed her when she tried to quit the relationship.

The woman reportedly married the 300-year-old ghost of a Haitian pirate Jack, who allegedly died in the 1700s after being executed for thieving on the high seas, on a boat in international waters.

However, Amanda, from Northern Ireland, was forced to undergo an exorcism after his spirit ‘possessed’ her and left her hospitalised, Metro UK reports.

The former Captain Jack Sparrow impersonator said their spiritual and sexual relationship was giving her serious health problems and threatened to kill her if she tried to dump him.

Amanda suffered with painful abscesses, developed sepsis and was told she would need a colostomy bag, but was ‘incredibly’ healed after she eventually managed to get rid of Jack.

She said:

‘After two weeks of marriage, I started to get health problems. I started to get reoccurring perianal abscesses and I was suffering from cirrhosis.

‘About four or five months in, when things started to go really downhill, I went back to some of the people that had communicated with Jack. ‘I know the symptoms of possession and part of it is ill health.

‘So I was concerned that it was to do with the relationship because of the timeline.

‘But I was assured that he was a lovely spirit who wouldn’t harm me.’ But after her dog Toby died, Amanda says she spotted a major ‘red flag’ about the relationship.

She continued:

‘I knew his passing was imminent and I’d asked Jack to keep him until it was my time so we’d all be together.

‘But Toby wouldn’t go to Jack, he was incredibly aggressive and wouldn’t go near him. ‘In the end, he had to go to my mother because he just didn’t want to be near him.

‘Animals are quite intuitive about people so this was a big red flag to me.’ But Amanda says that while the couple moved on from the incident, her health began to get worse.

‘I was getting abscesses recurring all the time after Jack and I would have any sexual relationship. ‘It was something that was at the back of my mind – I never had these before I was with Jack.’

She even cut off sex with the ghost in order to see if that helped.

Amanda added:

‘Once I stopped having sexual contact with Jack, the abscesses started to improve. ‘And I’d say that was literally the best three weeks I’d had since we got married.

‘So anyway, one night, a friend of mine got married to her spiritual partner and Jack and I ended up being intimate.

‘The very next day, the abscess was back with a vengeance. So then I started to get really concerned.’

In May last year, Amanda was rushed to the hospital for surgery after developing sepsis.

She said:

‘I almost died and I was in the hospital for a week. I had to take my wedding ring off when I went into surgery.

‘That must have cut the energy link between us because I felt totally different after the operation. ‘I reconnected with my own spiritual team and I really saw a pattern about my health.

‘I really saw alarm bells. He had obviously been blocking communication with my spiritual team. ‘So I could see very, very clearly that he had been stealing my energy.’


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