Minister of Education, Adamu Adamu has disclosed that parents in Nigeria who refuse to enroll their children in school will be imprisoned.

According to Minister, Nigeria will soon effect a policy that ensure that parents who refuse to enroll their children of school age in schools across the country will be imprisoned. He further disclosed that such parents are sabotaging the efforts of the government, at reducing the number of out of school children.

“Unless the issue of parents who refused their children going to school is made a crime, and we start jailing parents, the menace of out of school children will not be resolved. There are many who are still working behind culture, religion.

“So the ministry is to effect this policy so that any parent whose child of school age refuses to take them to school will be jailed,’’ he said.

Adamu further disclosed that a total of N350 billion had been expended on the sub-sector, as against N360 billion spent by the previous administration.

“In the six years preceding the Buhari Administration, between 2009 and 2014, the federal government spent about N360 billion worth of intervention on Basic Education covering textbooks, teacher professional development, construction of classrooms and library resources among others” he said.

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