Transgender Man, Gives Birth To A Baby Boy (Photos)

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A transgender man who gave birth to a baby boy says being pregnant cemented their bond, but admits he wouldn’t do it again after receiving ‘daily abuse and judgement’ from strangers.
Wyley Simpson, 28, who lives in Texas with fiancé, Stephen Gaeth, 28, began transitioning to male from female at the age of 21.

Despite taking testosterone therapy and being told by doctors that he could not fall pregnant as he had stopped having periods, the couple discovered he was pregnant in February 2018. Although they initially did not feel ready to become parents, Wyley carried through with his pregnancy – while battling abuse and judgement from strangers on a daily basis.

In September 2018, Wyley gave birth to their 7lb 5oz son, Rowan, via emergency C-section, and admits all of the comments were worth it- but he wouldn’t go through it again.The couple have just celebrated their son reaching the six-month mark, and have revealed what pregnant life and parenthood is like.

Wyley, who still has a vagina and female reproductive organs, gave birth by caesarean section six months ago after an emotionally draining pregnancy.
Speaking about the pregnancy, he said: ‘It’s not every day that someone sees a pregnant man walking down the road, so we received a fair amount of abuse.


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