Drama As Nigerian Man Exposes Lady After She Celebrated Buying A New Car [SCREENSHOTS]

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A Nigerian lady identified as @omohtee12 on Twitter has taken to the platform to celebrate after she bought a new car.

Sharing the photo of herself leaning against her new car, @omohtee12, or Jesus Baby, wrote; “Thankful”

However, her celebration was cut short after a man who boarded the same bus with her earlier in the day released a photo of her in the bus in an attempt to shame her and accuse her of lying

He wrote: “Someone I still entered danfo with today has bought crosstour on twitter, God is this a sign? ?”

His post quickly got thousands of retweets and likes and Twitter users replied mocking Jesus Baby.

But friends of Jesus Baby have defended her, saying she wasn’t lying. Other Twitter users pointed out that a person could have a car and still take a bus.

Reacting after the tweep tried to shame her, Jesus Baby wrote:

Una don start.

Today is a happy day for me and I’m also out enjoying myself while celebrating my new car, so I’m ignoring peasants!…..keep wallowing in your bitterness???????

Below are the tweets and replies.


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