Fayose & Reno Omokri React To BLUNDER Made By Buhari In Ekiti State

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Ex-governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose and Reno Omokri have reacted to a blunder made by President Buhari during his campaign in Ekiti yesterday.

While speaking at the campaign rally, Buhari stated that he came into office in 2005 as president, whereas it was in 2015 he assumed office.

Reacting to the blunder, Fayose said:

‘a man could not even remember when he assumed office. He said in Ekiti today that he assumed office in 2005. Yet, they still want him to continue as President. Must they ruin Nigeria just to promote their personal interests? Why can’t they just allow this man to go home and rest?

Reno Omokri said:

How self styled millionaire, Princess Joy Enikhagbuye, goes about duping innocent businesswomen

“We are very conscious of the promise we made when we are coming in in 2005”- @MBuhari
He DOES NOT know when he became President. He DOES NOT know he is the Presidential (or governotorial) candidate. He can’t read his note.


One Reply to “Fayose & Reno Omokri React To BLUNDER Made By Buhari In Ekiti State”

  1. Why can’t you people have human feeling, this old man is fighting for the poor, you allow this people to confused you just because if Buhari get their this time Fasoye and Obasanjo were in problem, may God forgive everyone that spoken bad against our president.


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