What Apostle Paul Has To Say About The Stealing Of Female Panties For Rituals In Nigeria

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A popular Nigerian cleric has spoken out about the growing rate of panties theft by suspected ritualists in Nigeria.

Apostle Paul Adenuga, the founder, Faith Revival Apostolic Church, has described the stealing of female panties for money-making rituals as ‘very shameful.’

According to a NAN report, Adenuga condemned the act at the Christian Press of Nigeria breakfast meeting held in Lagos on Sunday.

“You can imagine, some men go to steal women’s panties because they want to make sudden money and some of these men are caught and displayed on social media. What a shame,” he said.

Adenuga noted that one of the factors that have intensified such evil acts is that many churches have deviated from preaching the true message of the gospel.

The Apostle posited that many churches preach more about how to make money, to the neglect of the real gospel message that has moral instructions to help cultivate good virtues in Nigerian youths.

He, therefore, urged parents, especially mothers, to intensify prayers for their wards not to be involved in the shameful acts.


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