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President Muhammadu Buhari had on Wednesday, January 22, in Sokoto state restated his commitment to continue the fight against corruption in government to a meaningful end if elected in the forthcoming general elections.

Addressing a legion of his supporters at the Giginya Stadium, the president vowed not steal from the public treasury nor allow people around him to steal, Leadership reports.

Basehitz media had reported that the campaign train of President Buhari landed in the seat of caliphate on Wednesday and was welcomed by thousand of supporters and party loyalists, who reportedly filled the venue of the rally to the brim.

Speaking on the landmark achievements recorded by his administration over the last three years, the president said his government has been able to efficiently manage the economy by cutting waste and set the wheel of anti-graft running after the looters.

On security, the president also said he has been able to curb the lingering malice of Boko Haram insurgents in the northeast.

He said: “When I came to Sokoto in 2015 to ask for your support, I made three promises: security, fight against corruption and re-positioning of the economy.

“By the grace of Allah, you are our witnesses today. We are doing our best. Ask the people of Maiduguri, we have defeated Boko Haram. Our economy has improved with God on our side.

“In the fight against corruption, our government is trying its best. And we will continue to fight against corruption. If we find anybody that has accumulated ill-gotten wealth, we will punish such a person.

“My promise to Nigerians is that, I will not steal and will not allow others steal their future.”

On agriculture, the president said his administration has provided quality fertilizers for the farmers and help them grow in a large scale.

“Our farmers are happy about the economy. We provided fertilisers at subsidised rates to all our farmers and they got it. We pray that God should help us do more this year.”


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