OH NO! Outrage As Anambra Residents STRIP LADY NAYKED Over N2000 Stolen Chicken (SEE PHOTOS/REACTIONS)

In what appears to be a case of a woman more sinned than sinning, an unidentified woman has been disgraced by an angry mob after she allegedly stole a chicken to celebrate the new year

It was learnt that the woman was stripped naked and paraded at Mkpor market because she was caught stealing a live chicken worth N2000 on Wednesday, on January 2,2019. They also tied the chicken she stole around her neck and paraded her round the market because no one offered to pay for the chicken.

Photos of an mob beating her up while she remained in tears unclad have since circulated social media after an eye witness who would have none of it shared the unfair act of the Anambra State indigenes present at the time.

Nigerians have taken to social media to express their disappointment over the inhumane action meted out on the lady.


One comment

  1. Most leaders who stole billions of dollars what have they done to them? The lady should have been asked 2 pay 4 d chicken rather than treating her like this. Its unfair


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