EXPOSED!! Dino Melaye’s Brother, Moses Reveals How Buhari’s Government Are Out To Harm His Brother

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After days of face-off between Controversial Senator, Dino Melaye and Nigeria Police, Dino’s younger brother, Moses, has accused the Federal Government of using the police to turn the Senator’s life into a nightmare.

In our earlier reports, we reported that the police stormed Melaye’s Abuja home with the aim of arresting him over an alleged murder case. The embattled senator and his men have been accused of attempting to murder a police officer in Kogi state in July 2018.

In Senator Melaye’s defence, Moses said the police have made life unbearable for his brother since they started the siege outside his home and that his family believe the police is out to harm him.

He revealed this during an interview on Channels TV last night, January 2nd,.

He said;

“This government and the police have made the life of my brother, Senator Dino Melaye, a living hell for the last few months. The case they are raising against him happened in July. I was there in the car; the policemen shot at us. My car had over six bullets riddled on that car. How can they turn around all of a sudden that we are the ones shooting at the police?

“Our security men and policemen have been taken away since over seven-eight months ago. So, how do we now become the persons shooting? That story is not true. It is unfounded and because of the injustice on a daily basis, we cannot trust or believe anything they do. I believe that they are out to harm my brother. If not, what is the desperation?” he said

Narrating how the police stormed Melaye’s Abuja home on December 28th, Moses said

“On this particular occasion, they went into the compound, arrested the security man, beat him up and cuffed him”


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