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Season’s Greetings from the Apex Body of the National Congress of Akoko Students

Firstly, Our Sincere Appreciation goes to God Almighty, the one who was has been our shield all through the administration, and for the success of the first Nacas National Convention, despite all odds, he’s always there with Us, We are forever grateful to him.

To my always Supportive Executives, I’m Glad to have served with you, In Real sense I can Bodly say I haven’t seen any set of “Excos” who’s Committed, Dedicated and More Accommodating than you guys, thank you for Unrelentless Support. If given the Chance to Preside again in any Organisation or Gathering I’ll surely Love to Work with you guys again.

Not leaving my Senators Behind, God bless you all. You guys are all Wonderful, Your chapters did well by Choosing you to represent them.

To the General Populace [Nacas Students both Home and Abroad], Thank you for trusting in Us, Without you guys there’s nothing Called Nacas.
I’ll also love to admonish you guys to remain Peace Ambassadors at all times, let’s prove to the Outside World that Akoko Sons and daughters are the best in all ramifications, let’s shun all form of Violence, also, as Nacas election is about to take place, let’s come out en massé to vote for our preferred candidate.

I’ll be an Ingrate if I fail to Recognize the Following Personalities for their vehement Support all through my administration,
Comr. Abiola Mayowa(DarkMayor)
Comr. Alli Oluwasanmi(Benbellar)
Comr. Dada Babatunde(Babs)
Comr. Akindele A. Deborah(Debby)
And all other Naccasites at home and in diaspora.
Thank you and God bless you!

Comr. Ajibuwa Ifeoluwa. A(BAÁLÈ)
(Nacas National President 2017/2018 administration)


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