Young Man Buys His Girlfriend A Watch Worth Thousands Of Naira On Her Birthday But You Won’t Believe What She Did To Him

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A young man who is confused on the right decision to take with a girl of her choice needs your help as he pours out his heart.

According to him, the girl has the mentality to milk him dry and he doesn’t know what steps to take. Read below;

I recently showed interest in a neighbour of mine, I know she likes me, but she is a very traditional person, she wants us to go through the full cycle before anything further. But something started giving me a reason to worry about here mindset towards relationships.

She celebrated her birthday last month, and I got her a very expensive wrist watch, it cost me 94k, she doesn’t know this. I also got her a really nice cake, cost me 10k, so in all I spent over a hundred thousand on her birthday. I know for some this may not seem like much or may seem like too much, I think what really matters is tat I was fine with it and could afford it. Within the same period, she would indirectly ask me for funds, she said she was broke, I could have helped her with this but I felt it was way above my position, as I am only a “To Be Boyfriend”, to offer her all this after spending a 100k on gifts for her birthday.

A week ago we had a very interesting discussion, about the role of the man and the woman in a relationship, she said that “A man should be responsible for the upkeep of his Girlfriend, he should save a portion from his salary monthly which he should give to his girlfriend for upkeep”. I thought that was nonsense and I quickly called her out on it, all I can say now is that I don’t think we would be dating anymore, because she took it very personally, she said she thinks she would suffer if she goes into a relationship with me, because I am already showing signs of being stingy.

If I keep writing I would not end, so my question here is, is she right? Should I have instead given her the cash rather than the gift? Because to me it now seems she doesn’t see the value of the gift and would rather have cash. I want adult opinions please.

(Please note that I am not trying to paint this lady as an evil person, she is really sweet, loving, caring, she loves getting attention and doesn’t have any problem in showing me how she really feels about me, overall she is a great lady.)


One Reply to “Young Man Buys His Girlfriend A Watch Worth Thousands Of Naira On Her Birthday But You Won’t Believe What She Did To Him”

  1. My brother. You better pick race. You’re not married to her yet and she’s requesting money as if u re her ATM or father. Any lady that does that is not in for a serious business but to make money. A reasonable man will give willingly without the wonan rhoasking. Is always a shame for me to ask a friend to give me money talk less tasking boyfriend that’s not married to me yet.though some guys have taking the gentle ladies that don’t ask for granted so if some fit show them pepper he no too much but there must be a limit. Not that u don’t give, U do and she still complain.even if the wrist watch is #20 she should appreciate gift more than money.*expect if she already informed u that she needed some money for her birthday. Then u can just buy her the cake alone and give her the money instead of the watch Some people have head but no correct cap. So have cap but no correct head. What a life. Girls with their wahala sha.


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