Linda Ikeji’s Baby Daddy, Sholaye Jeremi Celebrates Christmas With Less Privileged

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Linda Ikeji’s baby daddy, Sholaye Jeremi has chosen to celebrate his Christmas with the Less Privileged.

First, he added to his fleet of cars, a Rolls Royce Dawn which has been described as the sexiest Rolls Royce ever built. The luxury vehicle is valued at over $450, 000.

Those who have seen the elegance-on-wheels describe it as a beauty beyond description, the ultimate expression in style and confidence. Meanwhile, for easier and less conspicuous navigation on the raucous streets of Lagos, Jeremi also added a Range Rover 2018 and a Benz S. Class.

Also, for Sholaye Jeremi, this Christmas must be Christmas indeed for the poor in some states in Nigeria.

Currently reaching out to the despaired and downtrodden in some states in Nigeria, sources close to him say since he made good, noiseless but far-reaching philanthropy has been his watchword.

“Every Christmas season, he ships truckloads of foodstuffs to some states and ensures that every household has something to feast on during the festive season. Jeremi is somebody who does all these things without making any noise. He doesn’t believe in social media philanthropy because he despises the attendant fickle popularity,” said a source.


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