Female Corps Member Rocks Her Dad’s NYSC UNIFORM… 41 Years Later!!! [Photos/Reactions]

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Simple photos of a young Twitter user identified as Maymournah wearing her dad’s NYSC shirt from 41 years ago has the internet thinking of the value of family and special memories.

The young lady who is currently a corps member shared lovely photos of herself rocking her dads’s NYSC shirt from 1977 on Twitter and revealed that he was walking down the path over four decades ago and now she is doing so with the same shirt.

More than anything the sentimental value attached to something as simple as a shirt proves the importance of a stable and functional family. It might appear simple but it symbolises that time and moments have passed but family and love have been things worth waiting for.

It is why the photos of Maymournah have gone viral with most people respecting her dad for keeping his shirt for 41 years just to have his beautiful daughter wear it as she serves the nation.

Interestingly, National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) first began in 1973, that is four years before Maymorunah’s dad embarked on the mandatory program.


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