Man Says Politicians Kill For Rituals And Steal Ladies Panties Not Yahoo Boys (Watch Video)

At this rate, one thing is certain; Nigeria, especially — is going wild at this tail end to 2018. Yahoo boys have been running wild, confessing to cutting human parts, getting caught red-handed having sex with their mother’s corpse or even literally going mad.

Some of the ‘yahoo boy’ claims to killings which seem ‘ritual-themed’ have, however, seemed outrageous for clicks with no reasonable basis in the bodies of those stories to suggest that those killings were perpetrated by yahoo boys. That said, this is Nigeria, rituals can be perpetrated by anybody.

Earlier today, a video was posted on Online and in it, an unnamed, unknown man was saying that yahoo boys are not behind ‘ritual killings’. He claims these killings are getting perpetrated by politicians.

Interestingly though, he admits that yahoo boys take their victim’s pictures to native doctors and pastors.

Click Here to Watch Video On


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