Serious Drama In Church As Man BEATS His WIFE During Church Service… After Pastor Reveals SHOCKING REVELATION!!! [Video]

A man attacked his wife in church after Pastor Chris Okaforreportedly saw a vision and prophesied that she was the one behind his problems.

According to multiple reports, the man had sold his properties to travel out of the country, suffered severely to get a visa, and he eventually succeeded.

Time came for him to travel, but he was unable to go, after he couldn’t find his passport. Apparently, he missed the trip, which was supposed to have been on Tuesday.

While conducting deliverance in church, popular Nigerian pastor, Chris Okafor, informed the man that his fiancee, Joy, was the one who hid his passport.

The man found it hard to believe and kept shaking his head in denial. When the pastor insisted it was true and his fiancee’s face had guilt written all over it, the man lunged at her and began to attack her.

Watch the video below;


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