Shocking!!! Driver Stops In The Middle Of A Busy Road, To Urinate In Lagos (Watch Video)

Wonders shall never end, not now or anytime soon. A man was recoreded urinating in the middle of a busy road in Lagos express way.

One Akintayo Adisa has took to his instagram to share the video of a full grown driver who stop in the middle of a busy road and urinate in Lagos Victoria Island.

He Wrote;

I have often heard that there is nothing you cannot and will not experience in #lagostraffic but how do you explain a grown man getting out of a decent car in traffic and whipping out his uncircumcised phallus to relieve himself while the cars behind him patiently wait for him to finish. .

This happened not in a Lagos slum but in Victoria Island.

This is perhaps the only time I’ve seen #lagosdrivers exercise patience. They must have realised that you truly cannot cheat nature.

Watch Here on


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