BRIDE Looks So SAD On Wedding Day… After Parents Accepted 500 COWS As DOWRY!!! [Photos]

News of a 17-year-old South Sudanese girl, Nyalong Ngong Deng Jalang, whose dowry was 500 cows, and 3 V8 cars went viral across social media last week.

The wedding has finally held and it is quite unfortunate that we bring you the sad wedding photos of the bride and her husband.
The expensive dowries were offered by a business tycoon, Kok Alat, who was one of the many competitors who wanted to have her hand in marriage.

The bride however looked so unhappy, and her facial expression shows that she might not like the marriage, but had no option since such a huge dowry had already been paid.

In the photo, one lady standing behind her, suspected to be one of her family members, is seen holding on to the chin, the common gesture to make someone smile, but still, Nyalong wore a long face.

The photo was seen on the Facebook page of one user Mekel’z Collection.


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