El-Rufai’s Son Is Busy Constituting Nuisance On Twitter Again! See Here

Governor El-Rufai’s son, Bashir El-Rufai had a banter with a critic who called him out on Twitter for being proud and calling people ‘broke’.

The critic who told El-Rufai’s son to learn to be humble, had written;

Bello El-Rufai is too loud n arrogant for a governor’s son on this street Always quick to call people broke n poor Yes, we are poor n broke You’re rich with power But always remember the God that blessed you can take his thing within a blink of an eye Learn to be humble

Reacting to this, Bashir wrote;

And you are too loud and arrogant for a son of nobody on these streets. If you are upset about that, redirect that energy to your father. See this not fully evolved monkey that recently left the jungle, remain in your Arewa Twitter and continue recycling your stupidity please.

However firing back at the Kaduna Governor’s son, the critic wrote;

Your temper is short just like your father’s height I’d rather be the son of a nobody than a political prostitute who made his money from public treasury Talking of looks, you of all people shouldn’t be coming for my looks when you’re built like orangutan

The tweet also fetched him a response from El-Rufai’s son who wrote;

Name your price and send me your account details and you will be quiet. And I am willing to, your barbaric family needs it, how do you even buy data? Da iyayen ka zamu ja. Har mu biya muku school fees.

My father was a millionaire even before your father developed his useless pen!s to insert in your smelly mother. As a coming of the second idiot into our midst.


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