Tiwa Savage Shares Her BEAUTY STRUGGLES… Advises Ladies!!!

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Tiwa Savage took to social media to share her struggle to fit into society’s standard of beauty.

The Nigerian singer says people like herself who were not born beautiful according to the world’s definition use the help of makeup,filters and push up bras to acheive that.

She advised ladies not to judge by looking at socialmedia because when they take their makeup off, they will still be the same person they are running away from.

She wrote;

Some people are born beautiful, flawless skin, long curly hair, fair skin but some of us grew up looking at the worlds definition of beauty and found ourselves not fitting into that standard but with the help of make up, filters and push up bras



we feel a little closer.

What happens when you take all that off and you stare at yourself in the mirror do you still think you are beautiful?

You should because you ARE and when we meet our creator face to face its those with the kindest hearts that will stand as most beautiful.

So while we work on the outside make sure we work on our hearts. Yeah social media can be intimidating but ultimately those ones with the purest of hearts will win .

I get a lot of messages from young girls who are depressed with low self esteem because they don’t feel pretty like the social media girls they see everyday and my heart breaks because I feel like that too sometimes.

We are all in this together, I’m not perfect, not the prettiest, sexiest, richest but I’ll remain kind and seek after God’s heart because none of the others matters to Him. Ultimately God’s approval is ALL we need



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