Fight BREAKS OUT At Miss BUMBUM Contest… OMG! See BIG BUMBUM Everywhere!!! [Photos/Video]

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A fight broke out at the Miss BumBum beauty pageant. Miss BumBum is Brazil’s highest rated beauty pageant – it crowns the Brazilian woman with the best butt in the nation.

Ellen Santana, 31, representing the state of Roraima, was awarded the coveted title of Brazil’s best backside after the contest was judged at Club Eazy in São Paulo.

But another contestant – Aline Uva, 27, didn’t like the result. So Aline, who did not finish in the top three winners, ran onto stage and snatched the winner’s sash from Elena.

According to Aline – who is the blonde in the pink bikini – she should be the winner because she claimed to be the only ‘100% natural’ contestant. Aline believes that Ellen, and the other participants, all underwent butt augmentation surgery.

The stunt left onlookers at the long-awaited final initially unsure as to who had won the accolade.

Eventually the judges made it clear that Ellen won. Unfortunately for Ellen, she never got her sash back. Aline walked off the stage with it – and never returned.

Here are pics of the incident:

TMZ also reported on the incident saying that:

Brazil’s annual ass competition pageant went down Monday night and 31-year-old Ellen Santana, repping hard for northern Brazil, took the top prize — but right after she got the winner’s sash, the ass attacks began.

You gotta see how Aline Uva, straight outta south Brazil, charged at Ellen, ripped off her sash and put it on herself … all while accusing Ellen of having a surgically enhanced ass. Aline claims she has the ONLY natty cheeks in the whole contest.

And here’s a video of it all going down:

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