SHOTS FIRED!! “One Government Withdrew N60BN From Central Bank In A Day” – Osinbajo Floors Goodluck Jonathan In Mud Of Corruption

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Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo on Friday said a past administration withdrew N60bn from the Central Bank of Nigeria in one day with no one knowing the whereabouts of the money.

Osinbajo stated this in Lagos where he inaugurated an independent power project built by a private developer, Solad Power Holdings, under the Federal Government’s Energising Economies Initiative, for the Sura Shopping Complex.

He described Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises as the future of the Nigerian economy, adding that the government must support them.

Osinbajo said, “The only way for us to grow our country is to give the hardworking people of our country the facilities to run their businesses, whether it is power or money. That is why we are going all across the country to provide the resources that are necessary for our people to actually get to work.

“After inaugurating this today, we are going to ensure that we continue to increase the capacity across the whole country so that many more people are able to do their businesses.

“Sometimes we have to stop and ask ourselves: Is our country able to provide enough for all of us? Does this country have the capacity to provide for all its citizens? I think we have the capacity; the only problem is that we, as individuals, must also be able to say that we will not stand for people stealing the resources of this country.”

According to him, corruption is the biggest problem facing Nigeria.

“In one day, one government withdrew N60bn from the central bank and nobody, till this moment, can tell where it went. One government in this country withdrew $292m in one day,” the Vice-President stated.


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