Ade Adeogun Sets Media On Fire, After Writing This About Akoko [What’s Your Take?]

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Hon. Ade Adeogun, Flag Bearer of the All Progressive Congress in the Forthcoming Federal House of Reps Election, Akoko South Constituency, has given a hint on What he thinks Akoko Needs the Most to Move Forward.

The Beautiful Brand as he’s Fondly called believes that for Akoko to Move forward, there’s need for One to Harness her Most Valuable Resources to drive Economic and Social Development.

In his Words….

I believe that what is most needed to move Akoko forward is to harness her most valuable resource to drive economic and social development. That most valuable resource is her HUMAN CAPITAL. The onus is on us to put this resource to work through economic enhancing activities: entrepreneurial development, skills development, innovation and ultimately jobs creation, with the overall goal of creating a vibrant ‘small businesses driven economy’. A prosperous economy with prospects of generating taxation for government would encourage government to provide needed infrastructure. So let’s together pursue the dream of a home grown economy in Akoko Land and I can assure you that every other things would be added onto it.

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