DISGRACE!! See This Embarrassing “LETTER” Written By Kano State House Of Assembly

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Nigerians have taken to Twitter to pillory the Kano State House of Assembly Adhoc Committee investigating allegations of bribery against the State Governor, Abdullahi Umar Ganduje.

The committee was lambasted for the choice of words deployed in its letter requesting Jaafar Jaafar, the publisher of Daily Nigerian, which first published the bribery videos, to appear before it.

A copy of the letter was posted on Twitter by socio-political commentator, Gimba Kakanda.

The letter contained grammatical howlers such as “video cliffs” instead of video clips, “investigatory hearing” instead of investigative hearing among others.

The letter dated October 18, 2018, was unsigned.
See letter:

See some of the reactions to the letter below;

This poorly-worded letter requesting (sorry, “requiring”) @JaafarSJaafar ‘s presence at an “investigatory hearing” of the Kano State House of Assembly is an embarrassing indictment of those tasked with managing our affairs. Been long I felt this embarrassed on someone’s behalf!

Legal Tycoon
The letter was typed with accent
We Kick ‘Em

I hope no one falls off the video cliffs…

The grammar alone can push one of the cliff. The date was wrong too. Thursday will be 25th, not 26th.

This is the result when we jettisoned merit for quota or political considerations. Even if they are deficient, they have staff in the Assembly that are civil servants. This error is regrettable


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