WICKEDNESS!! Conductor Pushes BLIND MAN Away From Bus Over N100 [See Photos]

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A blind man who was about to board a commercial bus was reportedly pushed out by the conductor who felt he couldn’t afford the 100 Naira bus fare.

According to an eye witness report, the blind man was close to the bus when suddenly the driver shouted at the conductor not to let him in.

The blind man who already had one foot and his stick in the bus, was immediately pushed out by the conductor and in the process almost broke the walking stick.

The eyewitness said she then asked the driver why he did such. He replied that the man won’t pay.

“Ah! I know them na! Him no go pay!” he shouted. “If you no wan enter make you dey go” he added and they drove off. the conductor said

The eyewitness later led the man to the next bus, which she paid for.


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