FEARLESS!! Meet The Bold Man Behind Governor Ganduje’s BRIBERY Video… He Is Now Running For His Life [Picture]

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His name is Jafaar Jafaar and he is the publisher of an online newspaper, Daily Nigerian. Jafaar reveals that he has been running for his life after he released a multimedia report of the governor of Kano State, Alhaji Abdullahi Ganduje purportedly taking kickbacks from contractors.

According to the journalist, his life has been threatened since the report which showed Governor Ganduje taking bribe from a contractor in dollars was exclusively released by him.

The State Government has denied the damning report claiming the trending videos of Ganduje taking bribe was doctored. Jaafar has been dragged to the court by the governor and rumours have it that he has gone into hiding.

The journalist said he received more than fifteen video clips showing how the governor receiving bribes from contractors.

“Experts have explored the video, and have proven that its authenticity is not debatable” Jaafar said.

However, the journalist said he had delayed publishing the video because of security concerns. He had to move his family to safe place to prevent a blow-back.

He also explained that some government officials have reached out to him as a damage control measure to give Ganduje a softlanding.

The state government has already rejected the allegations in the state, saying that the state governor was only trying to slander the state governor.

The statement by Kano State Commissioner for Public Affairs, Muhammad Garba, said that the news did not make Governor Ganduje do it.

This story continues to trend on social media with pressure mounting on the governor to step down from his seat as the number one citizen of the state.


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