Kemi Olunloyo’s Criminal History Exposed! Kemi Olunloyo Is Not Just An Ex-convict In Nigeria, She Is A Recidivist Even In Newton County In The State Of Georgia! [Must Read]

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Few days ago she claimed she’s gonna expose the convener of #EndSARS movement @seglink for been corrupt but little did she know she was nearing the bee hive.

According to Segun, he was chatting up with a friend he met at a security summit with some Isreali contacts. Someone from the Sheriff’s office in Newton Georgia was with them there. They were discussing Police reforms in Nigeria & he took him through their public database. Very interesting find…

Kemi Olunloyo is not just an Ex-Convict in Nigeria, she is a recidivist even in Newton County in the State of Georgia, with felony warrants all over the place. She kept jumping bail since 2006. Little wonder she can’t get a VISA to anywhere. She’s stuck in Nigeria. #Pray4Kemi


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